Born Brooklyn, NY. I have been drawing and painting since a child. Having great art teachers from grade school to intermediate school, Mr. Siegel my intermediate school art teacher guided me to apply to three specialized high schools. I was accepted to all three and attended the High School of Art and Design in Manhatttan, where I studied fine art. After high school I attended classes at the Art Students Leaque while working full time to support myself. I then attended the School of Visual Arts, where I studied under some great artists such as Nachume Miller, Rafael Ferrer, Keith Sonnier and Elizabeth Murray. The East Village gallery scene was gathering steam and I exhibited in several group shows at SVA Gallery in Tribeca, P.S. 1 in Queens, Caidoz Gallery and Kenkeleba House Gallery in the East Village.

For the next three decades I worked in business management at law, accounting and telecommunications firms in order to support myself in an increasingly expensive city while painting part time and not exhibiting. Finally after early retirement I moved to Tampa, FL in 2014 and Clearwater, FL in 2016, where I paint full time and started exhibiting again.

My paintings are fueled by the Concrete, Geometric Abstraction, Hard Edge and Minimalist Schools. The Concrete Art movement of the 1930's was started by the artist Theo van Doesburg in his 1930 Manifesto of Concrete Art. The manifesto was published in the first and only issue of the magazine Art Concret. He stated that there was nothing more concrete or more real than a line, a color, or a plane (a flat area of color). The term "concrete art" refers to abstract art that has no figurative or symbolic references. As a result, most concrete art is based on geometric imagery and patterns, and is often called geometric abstraction. 

I am a highly intuitive artist who favors straight and sometimes curved lines, the grid, patterns, color juxtaposition, rhythm and blocks of color. I am influenced by architecture, patterns, graphic design and anything with a minimalist aesthetic. None of these ideas are based on any strict mathematical or scientific principles. The one thing that ties my works together are that they are hard edged, geometric and have a strong figure/ground color relationship. Working with a mixture of acrylic paint, matte medium and gesso on canvas or paper, gives my work a matte flat finish similar to gouache paint and creates the great depth of color that I prefer. I then finish the work with a matte varnish, further enhancing the color.

Other artists who interest me are Imi Knoebel, David Novros, Ellsworth Kelly, Carmen Herrera and Robert Mangold. Having gestated and remixed many abstract styles, my intention is to force a new dialogue inherent to abstraction that started in the early 1900's and continues to be relevant to this day. I hope that when a viewer sees my work they will get a feeling of simplicity, harmony, order and rhythm.

My work is in many private collections in the U.S. from coast to coast and Europe.


Art Students League, NYC

School of Visual Arts, NYC


Recent Exhibitions

2015     Art in America, Internet Exhibit (Curated by Julie Torres)

2016     Inspire Two, HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art, Wichita, KS

2017     Summer Camp for Masterpieces, Stirling Gallery, Dunedin, FL

2018     SUPERFINE!, A Hyper Curated Contemporary Art Fair/Frieze Week, New York, NY

2018     Contemporary Pop Art and It's Influence on Street Art, National Invitational Exhibition, Hue Gallery of Contemporary Art,

Wichita, KS

2019 Art and Architects, AIA Gallery, Tampa, FL

2019 The Art of Collecting, The Collection of Sean Christopher Ward, HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art, Wichita, KS